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Horsey Facts About Cindy

Horsey facts about Cindy:

  • as a child begged her Dad to take her three blocks down the street to the pony ride.
  • owned her first horse at 12
  • started drawing horses in 5th grade Geography class
  • jumped a horse five feet riding bareback
  • brought a horse to the life drawing class in college
  • arranged for a horse to be present at a party for photos
  • dressed up as Lady Godiva for a costume class
  • rode sidesaddle in a parade
  • wrote the American Horseman a letter about a jockey school
  • exercised race horses
  • has taken both English and Western riding lessons
  • rode in three all girl drill teams
  • inherited two American Paint horses and raised foals
  • owned an Equine Greeting Card company
  • competed in Medieval Equestrian Games
  • taken action photos at rodeos and horse shows
  • draws horses and related subject matter from her own photos

Ask her about the runaway race horse, the ‘painted horse’, and the skunk.

 1st pic on horse


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Scan 1

1998 Evandre Spy


Scan 21

Scan 2



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